Welcome to Texoma Winery

  • Family-owned and operated commercial winery

A world-class winery in Abilene, Texas specializing in premium Texas wines

We are a family-owned and operated commercial winery that has been in the business for more than 20 years. We may be a small winery but we think and dream big! Currently, we produce more or less 1,000 cases or 2,500 gallons of Texan wine.

Texoma Winery produces some of the best-tasting wines in Texas. Enjoy our reds, whites, Merlot, Chenin Blanc, and Shiraz for your special occasion—be it a wedding, anniversary, corporate gathering, family reunion, or just any party. Our wines are developed to please the palate of the Texan wine and beer aficionado.

Tasting Room

Our tasting room is open to guests who just want to relax and unwind by spending quiet time while sipping wine alone or with friends.

For wine enthusiasts who want to learn more about wines, our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to answer all your wine-related questions. You can engage them in a friendly conversation or discussion regarding interesting wine facts such as Texas wine varieties and their unique qualities. You can also gain a lot of wine tasting tips and techniques during your short stay in our tasting room.

Sign up now! Email us at info@texomawinery.com to join the TEXOMA Wine Club!

Wine Club

Join the TEXOMA Wine Club for free and enjoy exclusive perks! We will be happy to have you as one of our valuable members.

Benefits that TEXOMA Wine Club members enjoy:

  • First to be informed about events, newly launched products, and news
  • 10% discount on all wine purchases and 20% discount on non-wine merchandise
  • Free tour around the TEXOMA winery and behind-the-scenes look at our wine production process and technologies
  • Free wine tasting with two friends during your first two visits to our tasting room