Our Wines

TEXOMA Wines – Superior flavor and aroma with every sip

Texoma Winery produces some of the best-tasting wines in Texas. Enjoy our reds, whites, Merlot, Chenin Blanc, and Shiraz for your special occasion—be it a wedding, anniversary, corporate gathering, family reunion, or just any party.

We grow our grapes in Texas High Plains, West Texas where excellent growing conditions are ensured: hot days and cool nights with deep, well-drained soil.  The results are five Texan wine varieties that appeal to different palates.



A sweet, non-varietal blend, TEXOMA red wine has a fruity flavor that makes it a perfect complement to your favorite Tex-Mex dishes like barbecues, quesadillas, fajitas, and tacos. In summer, this red wine makes a great base for Summertime Sangria. It’s best enjoyed when chilled to 50-55 degrees F before serving.

TEXOMA White Wine

Made from Texas High Plains Muscat Canelli, our sweet, non-varietal white wine bursts with fruity aromas. It’s best paired with shellfish and chicken dishes, as well as light desserts. To enjoy it in its excellent state, chill it to 40-50 degrees F before serving.


Our TEXOMA Merlot has deep color and aromas of black cherries and plums. Its soft tannins lead to a well-round mouth feel and strong finish. The best drink to pair with grilled meats and pasta with red, cream, or butter sauce. For the best Merlot experience, serve it at a cellar temperature of 60-65 degrees F.

TEXOMA Chenin Blanc

With fruity aromas and apricot to green apple flavors, the TEXOMA Chenin Blanc is an off-dry white wine that delivers a medium finish. It’s the perfect drink to go with turkey, chicken, and pork. It also makes a great cocktail drink. Serve it chilled to 50-55 degrees F.

TEXOMA Sublime Shiraz

Shiraz is a very dark, full-bodied wine with mouth-drying tannins. It pairs well with almost anything, especially brisket, grilled lamb, and beef stew.